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Maintaining your fireplace and chimney is serious business for the safety of your home. Cracks in your flue can lead to costly repairs if left unfixed and impaired venting or an avenue for fire to escape to the rest of your house. Uneven surfaces inside the fireplace or flue can collect creosote debris increasing the chances of a chimney fire. Leaks in the chimney crown or compromised flashing can lead to water damage in the attic or interior walls that can mean expensive repairs and mold growth. Tackling minor issues before they get out of hand is the key to cost control and safety. When in doubt call the chimney repair specialists in Seattle WA.

Our Chimney Repair Services:

Chimney and Fireplace Construction — We are skilled masons with over 20 years of experience constructing safe fireplaces and chimneys. We do both new construction as well as rebuilds and just standard chimney repair services like tuck-pointing, crown repair, flashing repair and sealing of chimneys. Call us today to schedule a quote! (XXX-XXX-XXXX).

Flue Relining — After years of exposure to the acid effects of burning wood, materials like tile, brick and clay start to deteriorate leaving uneven surfaces and open cracks. These areas of deterioration can lead to fire. A smooth interior for your flue is recommended for optimal safety. We can help advise you on your flue liner choices.

Fireplace Insert Installation — It is important when installing a fireplace insert that the chimney flue is the right dimension. If the flue is too big, then creosote build-up will be accelerated. We can install your fireplace insert or stove making sure that all codes are met for proper ventilation.

Waterproofing— We apply ChimneySaver® Water Repellent to brick masonry. ChimneySaver® is different then most common sealants, which form an impenetrable barrier that traps water inside. ChimeySaver® actually allows moisture from inside the house and within the bricks to escape while at the same time not allow water from heavy rain to absorb from the outside. It has been show to dramatically increase the lifetime of brick masonry and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Flashing —If you are seeing signs of water damage in or near your fireplace, including the interior walls, then you could have a leak near the intersection of your chimney and roof. It is very important to get this taken care of before your attic structure begins to rot or mold starts to grow. Call immediately if you see any puckering of your drywall near the ceiling or interior wall near the fireplace 206-673-2203.

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For Your Safety, Regularly Clean Your Wood-Burning Fireplaces and Stoves.

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Chimney caps in Seattle WA protect your home from the damaging effects of rain and animals nests

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Masonry Services for the greater Seattle WA areas. Our Brick masons are skilled at whatever task you might need for your home in the Seattle Wa areas.

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Call immediately if you see any puckering of your drywall near the ceiling or interior wall near the fireplace