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Masonry Services for the greater Seattle WA areas. Our Brick masons are skilled at whatever task you might need for your home in the Seattle Wa areas. Listed below is some of the masonry services we provide.

Brick Patios — Classic, durable and economical, brick is always a great choice for patios and pathways. For a casual, cottage-like look try a basket weave pattern where bricks are laid horizontally and vertically in pairs. For a more traditional look, choose a zigzag herringbone pattern. Whatever your style, our masons will deliver the high-quality workmanship that has earned them a great reputation in the West Seattle area. Be ready for summer; give us a call today to schedule a quote for your new brick patio.

Slate Patios — In addition to brick, slate is also a great choice for a patio or pathway. Slate, being a natural stone is resistant to weather damage. Its blue and rust tones blend beautifully into the landscape, drawing your attention to the house or garden.

Brick and Stone Retaining Walls — A retaining wall is a functional and attractive solution to leveling a sloped area. It can turn an unruly terrain into a functioning space to be used for a pathway, pool or garden bed. A retaining wall can be created using most building materials to match your style, including brick, concrete block and stone.

Brick and Slate Sidewalks — More than just a means to get from here to there, brick and slate sidewalks can add beauty to any landscape. A concrete sidewalk can sometimes clash with a rustic home or natural landscape. Brick and slate are time-tested aesthetic materials that blend in with the natural environment.

Interior and Exterior Culture Stone® — Culture Stone® is a manufactured stone veneer that can help you achieve a high-end look. Available in 19 textures and 100 colors, Culture Stone® can satisfy your specific design needs for real stone. Builder Magazine rated Culture Stone® #1 in usage and quality for manufactured stone.

Outdoor Fireplaces — Create a majestic outdoor living space with the addition of a fireplace and enjoy the outdoors well into the night. Masonry fireplaces is our primary business, so you can trust that your new outdoor fireplace will meet the highest in quality and safety standards.

Wainscoting — Wainscoting can add another dimension to your home’s facade. Use it anywhere that you want to draw attention, like under a bay window or in the front entry. We apply stone and brick wainscoting to any part of your home, inside or out.

Brick Planters — Create your own English garden with raised brick planters. These beds help retain moisture and nutrients, great for any garden application. Unlike raised beds made with untreated wood, brick planters will last 50+ years.

Brick Pillars — Dress up architectural features like gate supports or foundation columns using brick. Brick pillars can break up the long visual line of a foundation support or, in contrast, can be used to draw the eye upwards to balance a busy lower area.

Pressure Washing — Your home will look like it just had a fresh paint job when you remove the residual grim, mold and mud.

Masonry Waterproofing — Extend the lifetime of your new masonry with our special masonry waterproofing formula. It was specifically created for masonry applications. It eliminates water penetration up to 97% and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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